use (something) to maximum advantage.

Leverage and scale up your business

by maximizing

your strengths,

minimizing your efforts and

multiplying your success!

Is This You?

  • You're continuously engaged in work with an ever-growing list of tasks that seems never-ending.

  • You're a workaholic and you're heading towards exhaustion and burnout.

  • You’re worried about scaling because of costs.

  • You desperately need help.

  • You aspire to attract additional clients, generate increased revenue, and simultaneously have the autonomy to relish your personal life.

If this is you, we invite you to book a call

with us to discuss how we can help you.

What If...

  • You can find a great hire without having the need to recruit, train and face the hassles of onboarding new team members.

  • You can concentrate solely on the tasks that bring you satisfaction and allow someone else to take care of the daily "to-do list".

  • You could enjoy more time for yourself and for your friends and loved ones.

  • You could focus on doing what you do best and growing your business fast.

Our expertise lies in helping you find the suitable team members

and providing training and onboarding to help them excel,

allowing you to dedicate more time to your passions.

How It Works...

Here’s what your Virtual Assistants can help you with...

Social Media Management

Digital Marketing


Lead Generation

Graphic Design

Video Editing

Customer Service


How our Virtual Assistant service works...

If you’re looking for a highly skilled and reliable Virtual Assistant to outsource all your daily tasks, we have outlined five steps to finding you a long-term virtual assistant:

Prices & Packages

Our packages not only offer you a virtual assistant, but also come with plans

that can enhance your operational efficiency by implementing coaching and streamlined processes, thereby enabling you to collaborate effectively with all members of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hire with Leverage Virtual?

Leverage Virtual is a US based online employment agency located in New Jersey that provides highly skilled and well-trained Virtual Assistants from the Philippines. Each Leverage Virtual VA goes through a meticulous screening and high quality real estate training process to help leverage businesses. Our mission is to provide the best workforce and support to our clients . 

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What tasks should I assign to my VA?

You can refer to the Top 100 Tasks in our Training portal.

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Communication with VA

Our main tool to communicate with VAs is via Slack, but you are free to use any CRM at will.

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How will you protect my privacy and data security?

The privacy and security of our clients is a top priority. Under the agreement, your VA can only use your data for the limited purposes of completing a task you have assigned them and it cannot be copied or disclosed for further use. We also recommend that Clients utilize a Password Manager to further secure their information.

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Can I hire part-time staff?

No, we only offer full-time virtual assistants as we want to ensure that they’re 100% dedicated to you and your business rather than working part-time for you and part-time for another client.

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Can I hire more than 1 VA?

Yes, you can hire more than 1 VA for your business. You may depend on the skill-set that you require for each VA and for what areas of business they will be assigned.

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Start Date.

After hiring or accepting a VA, they will undergo a one day onboarding/ training with Leverage Virtual, which will also serve as their start date. A hand off meeting shall be conducted to endorse your VA on the first day of their first working week.

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Payments to VAs will be transferred from WISE to their local bank account. Payments should be made every week to the VA. VA’s training day will be paid and included on the VA’s first week of pay.

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Termination / Cancellation of Contract.

Inform Leverage Virtual two (2) weeks in advance. You must answer the Exit Survey form and VA assessment form. 

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What if it doesn't work out between my VA and I?

Our recruitment team will be alongside you for your outsourcing journey. If it’s not working out with your VA, we will facilitate the next steps for you, whether this is implementing further one-on-one training with your VA or arranging a new VA for you to work with.

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